Maison de poupée-les gâteaux / Dollhouse- Pies and cakes
Soeurs bouquetins et enfant lièvre / Ibex sisters & Hare child

Journal d'une maison de poupée - épisode 2 / Journal of a Dollhouse 2

Voici le deuxième épisode de mon journal vidéo sur la maison de poupée  principalement  centré sur le salon / salle à manger et les gâteaux  en attendant de vous la  dévoiler en entier dans la prochaine vidéo .

J'espère qu'elle vous intéressera

(pardon  encore une fois  de ne pas faire mes vidéos en français )

Si vous ne pouvez pas  la voir  cliquez ici

Here is the second episode of my dollhouse journal before showing it to you entirely in the next video

mainly focusing on the living / dining room

if you can't see the video just click here, hope you will  like it !let me know what you think




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It is absolutly happening on my experimental laboratory at the moment !! it's not a coincidence more and more videos will appear , it's also helping me to create my online classes videos.

Thank you Evelyn for your enthusiasm and support ;)


Thank you Ulla !I have to say I enjoy doing these sweets and cakes ,:)

I absolutly thought of it !! I m working on online classes experiments these mponths with few guinea pigs students overseas, it takes time but im really confident the first real ones should be available for everyone this fall !!I'm working on it with my guinea pig team

for the questions and answers videos , they will come very soon!

Thank you Ulla (you know you are the very ,very first person on this internet jungle who supported my work ?! ;)

Evelyn Reyes

Like Ulla, I would do anything to learn your artistic skills. I just marvel at your work. An online workshop from you would be a god-send!!! Bless you! I hope that you will someday decide to do the workshop.



Laetitia! What fun to see this in video - it comes alive! Your colors are so edible, those chairs are divine, and the sweets, oh my, there goes my waistline! I still marvel that you do all this in paper. I look forward to your videos of answering questions. Have you thought about doing an online class like this? I would be your first customer!!!
Hugs and strawberry kisses!


Thank you Juanita !! :)

Juanita Wellings

Wonderful work, I love all the tiny details. Just brilliant.

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