Les Petites Filles Modèles
Tours et rideaux/ Towers and curtains

Sophie et Son Ane / Sophie and her Donkey

Les 5 premières petites filles Modèles sont sagement arrivées dans ma boutique en ligne, Camille et sa grande maison, et 3 autres petites filles les rejoindront mardi soir.

Il ne saurait être question de la comtesse de Ségur sans l'apparition d'Anes!  Voici celui  qui accompagne Sophie à la fin des Petites Filles Modèles .


The 5 first petites filles modèles have joined the shop Camille and her house and 3 other little girls will join on tuesday evening to close the Comtesse de Ségur  episode

and of course donkey are in every novels by La Comtesse!!  so I have to add the one which Sophie chose at  the end of the novel.







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Beach-Combing Magpie
Thank you!! Yes I don't know if children know them.

Yes I think schools here don't encourage at all leaving the main path. or to do things slightly differently, I have pretty bad memories of my Art classes at school.....

Beach-Combing Magpie

These are all just so lovely! I hope young people (children/teenagers) get to see what you create so that it can inspire them, especially here in France where I think 'independant' creativity isn't really encouraged as much as it should be in the set school programmes.


Thank you dear Helen :)



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