Coulisses des Ateliers /Behind the Workshop's Curtain
Vlog, Croquis et Louis XIV / Vlog, New Children coming and Louis XIV

Anniversaire des ateliers/ Workshops Birthday

Tout en concoctant les derniers modules de  l'atelier maison, la partie décor peinture et mobilier, j'ai réalisé que les ateliers en ligne célébraient cette semaine leur premier anniversaire (le31jancier). Ils sont encore tout jeunes. Mais ce fut une première année riche en leçons et en rencontres d'apprentis magiciens et magiciennes de tous les continents.  Les merveilles de la technologie, de skype, du live et des vidéos permettent  vraiment d'abolir les frontières et de faire ce qui était inconcevable d'imaginer il y a même 12 ans!

Nous prenons trop souvent pour acquis les possibilités incroyables que nous avons de nos jours ! Merci à tous les inscrits et inscrites d'avoir poussé courageusement  la porte de mes ateliers !

Working on the last modules of the  Dollhouse workshop, climbing this moutain of work I didn't realize this big adventure of the Online classes started exactly one year ago in january 31st 2016 . So this week they  are one year old. They are still in their childhood but    feel very grateful to have met passionate  Apprentice magicians this past year of every continent . It has been a  joy, learned some precious lessons  these past months thanks to you !

We sometimes take it too much for granted what technology( video , skype, live streaming..) allows us to do these days !

And if we think about it it's quite magical!






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Dees: thank you happy to have you for our dollhouse adventure !!! sorry you purchased the wrong paper, I gave theweight and thickness hopefully the good will arrive.!!

that's the price of showing ones' art work with teh world online a lot of artists who don't give workshops at all are still copied like crazy.
The uninspired ladies who poorly copy my work have very short term goals they want a kind of quick recognition shortcuts and money more than than the artistic journey itself which takes years and years not months or weeks which requires a crazy amount of work and patience and " a bit" of imagination !!! It's the same pattern everytime , they were very unsuccessful with their own things nobody cared for ,so they try to steal what seem more successful they misunderstand the whole point of art and creating and being unique
It's quite depressing honestly , I won't lie Im not happy when I discover these Vulture ladies without the slightest respect but their lack of patience and imagination and laziness will also be their limit anyway.

but on the other hand this new jounery allows to meet lovely ladies and new friends i would have never met otherwise who are very respectful and very honest who apreciate the value shared and this is very encouraging and Im very excited about this side and want to focus about them only !!!

Anyway thank you for your kind comment maybe I will see you soon in our next skype video calls this sunday or the other sundays :))

Happy Anniversary!!!! I can only guess how much work you have put into the workshops...they are soooooooo well made it must have taken you zillion hours!!! I think it is really amazing that you are willing to share your artwork with us....I keep thinking...isn't it hard to see so many dollhouses and other artwork made by others but clearly with your signature and most of all your heart all over them????I think it is so generous you have made your arwork available for us to enjoy ....Again happy anniversary and I am off now making more windows!!! I am still waiting for the right paper...I purchased paper that was to I am waiting for other sheets to arrive...hugs from Holland!!! and I love the color you made the dollhouse!!xo Dees


Sara -Laura: Merci! Vous serez la bienvenue le jour ou vous voudrez en franchir la porte!

Claire: Merci Claire ! Il y a beaucoup d'apprenties magiciennes qui aiment les couleurs plutôt douces donc pour une fois je ne vais pas les pousser à aller vers de belles couleurs trop soutenues! Je les réserve pour mes prochains châteaux!


BON ANNIVERSAIRE à l'atelier ...
Très belle la couleur que tu as donnée à ton château enchanté !


Mes félicitation pour toi et tous ces qui ont profité de ces ateliers. J'espère en pouvoir jouir quelque jour.
Gros biosus.


Thank you Diana !! It's very kind , once the dollhouse workshop doesn't need the house anymore I will turn it into a real fairy tale castle !You 'll see probably in april ! Thank you


More magic!!!! That is the most incredible work of art, which makes me clap my hands and want so badly to live in that little is beautiful, Laetitia....thank you, thank you, a million thank yous for bringing joy and magic to lucky are we to know you!!!diana

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