De retour au Royaume/ Back to the Kingdom
Enfants Ane et Chat / Donkey and cat Children

Enfant loup et Secret de Papier / Wolf Child and Paper Secret

  Première semaine fraichement sortie de l'atelier maison avec au programme peinture et réorganisation de mon petit espace de travail enchanté et peinture  de mes tables,  avancée des enfants musiciens  et filmage de quelques vidéos qui arriveront dans le courant du mois.

First week officially out of the Dollhouse workshop, have been refreshing my workspace painting my tables, made some progress on the children Musicians and filmed several videos which will arrive in the upcoming weeks starting with this Paper Secret about how to get started when you procrastinate,  just below .




 Et un nouveau Secret de papier pour aider entre autres les apprentis magiciens qui ont du mal à se mettre à la tâche, mais les astuces  sont valables avant le début de tout grand projet ambitieux  si vous avez d'autres habitudes n'hésitez pas à les partager dans les commentaires  !


  and a new Paper Secret to help the Apprentice Magicians and others to get started on a  big ambitious art project

Share your comments if you have other ideas and  tips you like to do before starting a big project or workshop !


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Dees : It's interesting! for sure falling off the waggon is really worse than going slowly , remember that if you make a mistake with your colors on a wall you can always start again ant paint white and choose another color! as you will never know until you try :) I'm sure you will find the perfect colors eventually

Thank you ! it's very kind!! my loup appreciates your kind compliment :) Have a nice weekend !


Goodmorning Laetitia,
Thank you for such an inspiring vlog!! I might look like I have no problem creating but I too find myself dreading some projects and keep putting it of....Like for instance now I have no idea what color I am going to use for the chateau so concentrate on the furniture instead....but meanwhile it is still in the back of my head nagging all the time "come on Dees, get the house ready....." For me the only thing that helps is to stay busy creating ...doesn;t matter how small....but I have to keep at the project because I know if I don't it will get stuck and I will have loads more problems getting started.......thank you so much for sharing!! I am sure a lot of people will have a huge support by your is really helpful and encouraging! Have a lovely day Laetita! your craft space looks really really beautiful! And your Loup is totally adorable!!xo Dees

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