Enfant loup et Secret de Papier / Wolf Child and Paper Secret
Enfant Lapin Musicien / Rabbit child and his cello

Enfants Ane et Chat / Donkey and cat Children

Un enfant Ane et Chat ont rejoint l'enfant loup, aucun n'est terminé, et bien d'autres vont les rejoindre d'ici la fin de la semaine prochaine. Ces jours  ci ont été passés à peindre des motifs, sculpter des instruments et des jouets, vous pouvez voir un petite résumé vidéo juste dessous ou ici si la vidéo ne s'affiche pas


A donkey and a cat are joining the Wolf child. Spent the beginning of this  week working on their costumes, painting papers and instruments, you can watch the Vlog video about them below or clicking here .

None of them are finished and hopefully more will join we shall see how many they are at the end of next week .













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Thank you for the link Laetitia!!! I just ordered the book!!! can't wait for it to arrive! happy weekend!


DEES: Thank you!! Yes Montreal is a bit far ! But the books are a good start, I forgot to add the link on the post to amazon !

You can order them for sure on the french amazon: the Book about louis XIV is available !!! There are all treasures to keep precioulsy in a good 17th,18th library !!



PS just googled where the event "Hélène Delalex - Sciences et curiosités à la cour de Versailles" takes place......Montreal!! I don't think I will be joining LOL!!!


I love your little children :-) so enchanting ♥ the patterns you painted are so beautiful!! I now know how much work it takes to paint something like that!!! Thank you so much also for mentioning the book on Louis xiv ...I have already started looking for it unfortunately there is only one for sale on ebay so perhaps I will have to wait untill I visit France later this year....Have you seen the event the writer is giving in May??? I saw it on her Facebook page :-) looks really exciting!!! I will first buy her Mary Antoinette book :-) I so so love that era ♥ have a lovely evening

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