Le dos de la Maison de Poupée/ Back of the Dollhouse
La maison de poupée Enchantée /The enchanted Dollhouse +Videos

Salle de bain et cuisine/ bathroom and kitchen

Après un petit weekend rafraichissant   et un plongeon dans l'histoire à Waterloo quelques semaines après l'anniversaire, de retour dans la chaleur Lyonnaise, l'intérieur de la maison est tout à fait terminé,  petite visite de la tour et de la cuisine . Je vous concocte  une vidéo amusante  pour tout voir en détail  et avec biensur la façade  et la maison finira sur etsy la semaine prochaine

After a refreshing weekeend in Belgium, a few  weeks after the  bicentenary  battle of Waterloo , always moving to travel in history, back to the present and the very, warm Lyon, (I miss the belgian rain..) now all the rooms are totally completed  still have few things to finish in the front side, I'm preparing a funny video to show you everything in details , and the house will eventually land on etsy next week












Et un joli  papillon est venu cet après midi  jusqu' à mon royaume perché, visiter la maison  de poupée,  la grenouille et la renarde étaient prêtes à partager un morceau de gâteau mais le temps de saisir mon appareil photo  et il se posa sur mes rideaux avant de s'envoler...

And a beautiful butterfly visited the dollhouse this afternoon, in  my kingdom which is not used to any visit of insects  because  high and difficult to reach, the fox and the frog were too happy !! and wanted to share a piece of cake, and as I was running to catch my camera he was already leaving.. 



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Thank you Marcie!yes I agree butterflies are like rainbows , always magical and unexpected, and make us happy , yes I think he was attracted by the stripes of the roof , You wcan see me painting flowers on my papers in this video :

thank you, you won't be disappointed by the video it's going to be a very funny one !


How fantastic everything looks Laetitia. What a marvel! I look forward to your video.
Butterfly's are always a treat at any leval, all the color would attract me if I was a butteryfly! All the beautiful roses you paint look so perfect inside and out. I would love to watch you paint the flowers and vines on the paper.
Your Amazing!
Blessings in your day!



Thank you Juanita , he is not in the bathtube he is a stork-bathtube, the photo doesn't show it well enough , you'll see it better in the video , thank you It was a lot of fun to create all that


yes it's actually A Stork- bath tube, I only made the head , he is not sitting in the bath tub! thank you!! :)

Juanita Wellings

Just love the stork in the tub. And the colours. And the humour. All really beautiful


Ha, ha, it is so much fun to see that stork (yes ?)
sitting in the bathtub .....
That beautiful dress waiting ..... ;-)
Lóve those copper pots !

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