Salle de bain et cuisine/ bathroom and kitchen
Les vacances des Enfants Terribles / Naughty Children in holidays

La maison de poupée Enchantée /The enchanted Dollhouse +Videos

 Et voici la Maison de poupée enchantée, avec son autruche , ses perroquets , son Zèbre et son flamant rose.

 Vous pourrez retrouver toutes les photos (et il y en a un certain nombre....) sur cette très longue note (mise à jour en quasi continu entre aujourd'hui et demain)

alors , vous emménagez?

(d'ailleurs elle sera sur le marché à partir de demain soir sur etsy )

If you want to get lost in the house You can see tons of photos of the dollhouse in this full post(not finished yet  but everything should be there on sunday  )

Would you like to live in this dollhouse with this company ?

(by the way the dollhouse will seek for a landlord tomorrow  night (on sunday)on Etsy)

Si la vidéo ne s'affiche pas cliquez ici

if you can't watch the video click here










 et Pour terminer la série de journaux vidéos sur la fabrication de la Maison voici le dernier petit épisode , pour vous donner plus d'explications si la vidéo ne s'affiche pas cliquez ici

 and  to end this dollhouse journal and the last  Vlog of the serie to  give you more explanations and details  if you can't see the video click here


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Thank you Tina! please send me a photo if you dod it!!would love to see that! I m going to copy my canopy beds and do a canopy desk instead made in paper and fabric you 'll see that on the blog soon


So lovely - You make me want to paint my bed room green and pink! I shall send a photo if I do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.

hope the link works for you its etsy shop....

as for language...i had 4 years of french in college and still have awful accent. son and family are coming home after 9 years abroad, iraq, germany etc. home next week grandbebe Sophie speaks French Spanish German and English lol she is 5.


Thank you JoAnn for you enthusiasm ! really appreciate it
Would gladly visit your etsy shop , the link doesn't work here! send it once more

your grand son will teach you french then !

you'll see what I do next, I have quite unexpected things in my pockets...


Thank you Juanita! :))

How wonderful, you are so talented in your colors and designs. this house is terrific. I dont know where to look first. love the zebra and the stock tub.
I have been an artist designing colorful, glittery creations for over 20 years doing national gift shows and I have never seen anything even similar to your creations. can hardly wait to see what you do next. come see me on etsy if you find the time
by the way my us army son married a parisian and i now have a young French grandbebe!!
thank you again for your whimsical work. JoAnn

Juanita Wellings

That is simply magical, Laetitia!

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